Keep your service providers separate from your bank !


a note to my friends in business…
in regards to merchant services providers, payroll reps, insurance svcs, etc that you choose to do business with…
If your banker, who has your deposit accounts, loans, cds, etc is busting your chops and putting the hard-court press on you to roll all your business services into a package with them…
Not only does it screw up your relationships with providers of services who most likely are customers of yours and refer others to you, it also makes it very hard on your business if you decide to leave the bank. Spread it around – form relationships with service providers that are mutually beneficial.
Trust me on this one – it comes from personal experience and the stories that have been told to me by my customers over the years.
To discuss this with me or discuss specifics of ME being the separate service provider working with YOU on your merchant services please fill out the form below and let’s talk!

Richard hassman, The Business Resource Guy